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On a recent All Around Angler, LLC. trip I had the pleasure of being part of a great catch. A catch that hosted the two biggest single skeins I’ve ever seen. It was caught by AAAer, Brian Casey along side Larry Wood. I’ll be working some footage of it captured underwater. It was 39″ X […]

Here is the movie from our trip out yesterday for small river steelhead in the month of March. I turn 38 years old this month. I’ve been fishing for all thirty eight of those years. Just like my dad did and just like my son will. Thanks for your support and for watching movies.

Today was a day of steelhead fishing not soon to forget. Not only did we beat them down….but I had to chase a fish through close to what we imagine are 300 yards of whitewater…and I did so without waders…waste deep in some spots. I took two falls and should’ve lost the fish for sure. […]

I am juggling quite a few activities tonight but wanted to wet your palette for yummy fish pics to come. The coast may have been blown….but we found fresh steelhead. Don’t hate. Appreciate. More pics, a movie and a tutorial on tying yarnies with egg loops above them to come soon. Hey, I’m here to […]