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I am preparing a write up from the day today as well as some photos to share with you. But I know everyone wants to see the movie first….and I really do enjoy delivering. This movie features two angles during the fight with the big fish. Big thanks to Kirby Cannon of for the […]

This is Sturdy Kirby Cannon with a few fish so far in 2012 Big River fishing. I’ll just let these pictures speak for themselves. I would also like to thank Kirby for sharing them with us and for participating in sponsorship of You can bet your a** I’ll be fishing spinners out of […]

I am proud fishing partner and friend to Kirby Cannon. I met Kirby along a coastal river a few years ago and quickly gave him the All Around nickname: Sturdy Kirby. Kirby has quite the local following already….but I was hoping by him and I partnering up we could both reach out to more […]