Ghost Face Killer is Mark Murray……

Posted: February 15, 2012 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Gear Fishing, Salmon, Trout & Steelhead
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In the words of GFK…..Here he is going ‘Beast Mode’. This is no doubt a gorgeous T.O.A.D. Little did the Magician and I know the other day as we Bee Lined for my spot that GFK and CDC were right behind us hitting the water we decided to skip. Another Dan Cox jig does the trick.


“That thing was a beast but did look larger in life…

My Two Cents and this does or doesn’t need to go on the site: Natives stay in the water. I immediately take the hook out upon landing as that is what is stressing the fish out. I am guilty as anyone (of taking them out of water) but I am trying to change my ways.

I personally feel that it probably doesn’t hurt the fish but there are rules for a reason. I must be getting older…

Anyhow we got our Lewis and Clark on some new waters; so fresh…” GFK

  1. daheller says:

    Mark – that is a dandy fish. Nice going. How did you do on the coast the other day? Sal

  2. Meskel says:


    Nice and Nice well worth two cents and needs to be said more than it is.

    You cats need a film crew – give a brother a call.

    Starting to think people don’t want to fish with me


  3. Hellcat says:

    I agree with both of you. Certainly tough to do in every case but I will try my very best moving forward to do the same.

  4. Nice job Mark!! Beauty of a fish!

  5. CDC says:

    Awesome fish!

  6. GFK says:

    Fella’s; I really couldn’t have caught that fish without the help of this site. I’m a greenhorn with gear fishing and I believe that is my first steelhead caught on gear (Bobber/Jig).
    @Sal: Let’s just say my enthusiasm was much bigger than the bite that day. I went 0-1.
    @Meskel: It’s all about the talent but I do require a trailer on set.
    @Hellcat: thanks for all your advice mate… This was a AAA fish by definition; helping buddy’s out with the knowledge.
    @DC: We need a bigger net.

  7. Hellcat says:

    Sorry to bust your bubble, GFK, but you caught a bobber and jig fish with me two years ago. How quickly you forget your virginity being taken? That makes 2 jig fish for the fly guy. I guess you’re not just a fly guy anymore. This might be one of the most beautiful steelhead I’ve seen all year. And I’ve seen A LOT. In the words of Will Bome….that is ‘Shoulders Malone.’

  8. Svetlana says:

    Mark!!!! Wow!!! Soo nice buck !!! Glad to see you happy face !!!! 😉 🙂 Steve and Sveta

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