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**THIS REPORT FROM THE COLUMBIA BASIN BULLETIN** **ATTENTION** * Kalama River Hatchery Loses 2.4 Million Salmon Fry In Flood; 15 Percent Of Wash. Fall Chinook Production Below Bonneville All 2.4 million fall chinook salmon fry at the Fallert Creek Hatchery on the lower Kalama River were lost when floodwaters inundated the facility last week, said […]

On what was definitely one of the most memorable weekends of fishing this season I’m definitely inspired to do a write up about all the madness. For now how about some pics from the last week?

Anyone who studied journalism or communications…or anyone who has had some form of professional sales during their career is well aware of “The Five W’s”. For those of you unaware….they are the Who-What-When-Where-Why. A person can cover their bases fairly well when reporting or discovering information in the employ of such a designation. I also […]

You’ve seen him here on AAA before schoolin’ us with his Yarni-Nator…..but now you’ll see him in a little different light: These are the first three nooks he’s boxed in his new FishCraft Drifter and he did so in thuggish fashion. AND…I don’t just say that because he’s wearing the original lid. Here is […]