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Long time followers of Triple A need no introduction to The Sal Monid. That’s right. We’ve added a ‘The’ to the man, the myth and the legend. Here he is like every year running around with Tom Burgess. Pops went flasherless to get some chances.

This is my 426th movie both here on AAA & Youtube. I am an official Youtube Partner and I will be reaching 1,000,000 upload views on Youtube before the end of 2013.

With sick music, great friends and OFF THE HINGES salmon fishing……this movie will go down as one of the classics in the AAA library. Check it out. Special thanks to salmon expert boat angler Julian Young Gunz Zirkle along with Jeff Donaca, myself and Matthew MCP Morris. Now let the flags fly.

John Webb is the owner of In Your Face Graphics and Tinting and is a proud sponsor. He also happens to be one of the hottest rods around this summer. Coming off an insane winter steelhead season and a very healthy spring fishery….he continues to light up the rivers both big and small. His […]

“Achieving dreams, one by one, through dedication and determination, success prevails for those who never give up, who keep a positive attitude and respect everyone for who they are, life is simple – play hard and work harder, happiness is everything” Joseph Princen NEW MOVIE FROM JP HERE Features Salmon and steelhead angling: JP is […]

I’ve said this before and perhaps this website takes more of a focus on this direction….but our Youth is everything. If it wasn’t for angling in my youth I don’t know where I’d be. Perhaps somewhere bad. If you read this website often then you know who E&C Custom Jigs is. Two youngsters that are […]