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About a week ago and before our first batch of rain we received in almost 4 months….the coastal tidal fisheries had become very low and unpredictable. It was just about then that John Webb told me he had an impromptu trip for chinook with pro guide and AAA sponsor, Chad Lynch, of Chad Lynch Guide […]

Tangled lines creating chaos resulting in boxed slabs along with a special underwater feature you won’t want to miss…..TeamSalmon2012.

Here is the first installment of a pair. Action from Sunday the 14th with the Chromehammer, TowTruck and MCP. TeamSalmon/2012. This film features AAA sponsor Cleardrift Floats.

Jaw Jaw Jaw. How can you beat that? Much much respect to Kellyn Davidson (KD) for sending in this absolutely heart pounding chrome hen slab picture for all of us to salivate over.

Got enough eggs out of this hen for three quarts. Yes. I said three quarts. That’s like a hundred bucks worth of bait. Proper. We only fished for two hours. Check out the vid.

And here’s some of the same footage shot from John Webb’s boat….kind of cool to see us rollin’ five deep in the AAA Drifter.

Local and national forecasters both are predicting our current drought in Oregon and SW WA could be the worst ever since the Trailblazers won a national championship. Remember that year? I was 3. So I do not. I won’t forget this year anytime soon though. Let’s take a look at a weekend on hover….what a […]

All I can say is this picture was taken just a few days ago somewhere in the state of Washington. Ladies and gentlemen I present a man you have not soon forgot….Lael Paul Johnson aka HAWGSAUCE. Truly making a mark here on AAA. Thanks for sharing again, LPJ. What a fish. MOVIE PRODUCED BY LPJ […]

James Beasley and his company, Wicked Lures, is the newest advertising sponsor with the AAA family. Here he is today visiting our area to drag his Wickeds for June Hogs. He came down to fish with his friend