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Please welcome back Mr. Sockeye aka Mike McNeilly with his much anticipated Nor Cal update with TOAD pics included. Enjoy! Thanks for the contribution, Mike! *scroll below pics for article I truly believe that the best king salmon bite on this blue marble wasn’t in Alaskan or British Columbian waters this July. Oh, you’d need […]

The Nor Cal 2013 Steelhead Season… So Far By Mike McNeilly I’ve caught almost as many fish this season as I did last year, but I have had to fish a few more days and wear a lot more felt off the soles of my boots. We got hammered with rain in December and there […]

If you’ve watched a lot of my movies you’ve been sure to see comments here on AAA and on Youtube from Mike McNeilly aka Mr. Sockeye. He’s one of the AllAroundAnglers holding it down it NoCal. I just received a new movie in my inbox from him this morning. STOKED. Hope you enjoy. Mike McNeilly […]

Michael McNeilly IS Mr. Sockeye and THIS is his movie from their trip to chase giant B Runs. Enjoy. Mike can be followed on Youtube at mrsockeye or simply search any of his names here on the AAA search tab for more posts.. * * TeamSalmon2012

I’m proud to feature another comprehensive and infromative piece by my NoCal connection, Michael McNeilly aka Mr. Sockeye. Enjoy. I always do. Hey AAA Readers, This has been a salmon season for the record books in Northern California, or at least it was projected to be. However, we are midway through our season, and the […]

Hey Chris, I see that you saw my recent salmon trip photos on my facebook page. Here’s a report for Triple A from down south: Since the ocean season opened in early April, there has been a red hot bite for kings somewhere along the California coastline. In the first month of the season, the […]

A supporting viewer from over the years and one of my very first out of area contributors…here is Michael McNeilly with another contributing film for AAA! You may remember his Tiger Trout movie from a couple weeks ago as well……This time you can watch Mike as he documents his trip through the Sac Valley for […]

Michael McNeilly aka Mr. Sockeye is an out of area content contributor for Words From The Angler….. “Hey Chris, I noticed you use jigs a lot in your videos. I have only had marginal success on steelhead with jigs, but I have caught some huge Lahontan Cutthroats. 1/4 ounce black marabou jigs on 2/0 […]

What started as a subscriber watching my Youtube movies has turned into a new content contributor for His name is Michael McNeilly and he goes by Mr. Sockeye. Words from the angler… “Hey Chris, I checked out your site today. You are running a class act for sure. I also read all of your […]