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Please click the link below to watch movie.  Technical issues on YouTube thumbnail. CLICK HERE FOR NEWEST MOVIE <<<<<<<<    

He needs no intro. Just type the name ‘Kevin Gray’ or ‘Chromehammer’ into my search bar here on the website and you’ll see why I say that. Here are three new movies Kevin’s gracious enough to share with us in the TripA world. Buoy 10 fishing youtube 1) Ocean Coho 2) Buoy 10 Coho bite […]

Say no more. Special thanks to Jason for sharing this sweet trip with us. You sure made your camp welcome to many, Strick, and that’s just the type of guy you are. An All Around Angler who digs helping and teaching. You did THAT! ALL MUSIC BY PORTLAND’S OWN KID PISTOL & NORAA ISH FEAT […]

‘Buoy 10’ that is. Here is TeamSalmon core contributor and All Around Angler Jason Strychnine Stricker showing us why he’s absolutely poisonous to chrome. WATCH FOR MORE PICS COMING SOON FROM JASON!

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