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Please enjoy these pictures from my trip last weekend with Kevin Gray. Triple A all day up in here! It’s great to get out and even better to catch a couple. The older I get the more I enjoy releasing fish. Especially when their work is yet to be completed. I’m looking forward to releasing […]

Newest Triple A TV: Early summer fish and more!

We’ve had no pressure and even a few fish. April 14th is also the earliest I’ve ever caught a summer steelhead. We also got the piggie chrome winter you see in the net and one more not on film. Heckuva day.

Here is a little ditty I put together from a few summer trips this season recently. Some cutting room floor stuff. Kinda fun to mess with. Special thanks to Jim Reed and Derek James Reed for their trip north this year. It was our pleasure.

Reflecting on a few thoughts tonight about these completely and totally addictive chrome ghosts we chase so fiercely these late spring and early summer months. I have a few thoughts about chasing these ghosts we call summer salmon & steelhead. Why ghosts? If you’ve never fished for chrome in gin-clear water when all the odds […]

You know him best as The Hammer. Or Chromehammer. But did you know he’s smarter than a dude with two brains? True statement. Here’s his latest EXCLUSIVE Triple A piece on summers. A GREAT perspective from this die hard AAAer. It’s June and summer steelhead are ascending many of the metro area rivers. These fish […]

This is my 426th movie both here on AAA & Youtube. I am an official Youtube Partner and I will be reaching 1,000,000 upload views on Youtube before the end of 2013.

Another day on the water with Cleardrift Floats. This time Jacob Ross shows us how well they work for low, clear water and finicky steelhead. Watch for the sick aerial…..

Some Stricker pics from a day he and Jason Demski had recently…..good looking out guys. Sounds like the bite was fast and furious and ended as quick as it started. Also sounds like Demski was the man. That’s okay, Strick. You’re usually the man so I’m sure you were alright with that. HA!

A good friend of mine, Steve Lynch aka The Traveler, and his wife, Sveta…..the two of them do what it takes to find anadramous fish ALL YEAR LONG. They move. They move, they shake and they look for new water. Why I call Steve, The Traveler. He’s going to kill me for this but here […]