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Hello, Please visit my newest article for the look at John Strenk’s company, The Reel Tech. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE ARTICLE ON EXAMINER.COM’S PORTLAND FISHING EXAMINER, CHRISTOPHER HELLER

The Reel Tech is Mr. John Strenk out of Medford, OR. Hi provides outstanding and comprehensive reel repair quicker and with more care than most. Shipping is simple: A flat rate box of reels that weighs a whole bunch can be sent via USPS Priority Flat for next to nothing and turned around just as […]

This slide show is courtesy Mr. Jon Geyer of the guide service of the same name and myself…H3llcat. On behalf of NorthWestKillersFishing and myself and ALL of AAA Nation…we appreciate what you do for us. ROLLING SLIDESHOW!

Words from the angler…. Want to treat yourself to a custom fishing rod built to your specifications? Want to get that special fisherman or fisherwoman in your life a custom fishing rod? “If you would like to own a one of a kind, meticulously handcrafted fishing rod built exactly to your specifications look no further […]

What would be a better rod eye than one that could never ever break? Answer: Very little. John Strenk, owner of Reel Tech Custom Rods, show’s us why these bad boys are so dang cool…. NEW RECOIL GUIDES STUN! TeamSalmon2013 * * *

Proper reel adjustment is commonly misunderstood. By myself included. Read on….from John Strenk, The Reel Tech Recipe for a professional overlay By The Reel Tech As a reel technician, I get lots of customers who are wishing to achieve better casting distance or better “free spool” from their bait casting reels. When I receive the […]

Thanks to Chris Blanchard of Nwk Fishing, his vision behind the camera, his timing on edits, his choice of music, the personality of his crew…..I could never make another fishing movie again starting right now and know that someone out there is doing it the RIGHT way. This weekend included all anglers who have met […]

A series of videos, pictures and events from our steelheading getaway January 2013. Let’s start with the house. TS2013

To participate in this newest contest simply click on the FB tab right here on the AAA website and then Friend Request me, Christopher Heller. Once accepted you’ll be able to play! I do these all the time and it’s a very simple process. The contest are different and varietal and you never know what […]

I love this one from John. I tell new anglers this ALL THE TIME. It’s not only proper preventative maintenance but it plays a crucial part of the process of becoming a ‘precise’ caster with spinning gear. CRH An improperly working bail system on a spinning reel can make for a frustrating day and sometimes […]