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Thanks to everyone who sent in photos and contributed to this photoshow. I hi-jacked a few from Facebook too bulk it up a bit. Music by Kid Pistol, Alan Logston and Noraa Ish from their latest album DYAD. (Free DL available on my FB page). REEL Lifestyle clothing has taken the NW Pacific angling community […]

This slide show is courtesy Mr. Jon Geyer of the guide service of the same name and myself…H3llcat. On behalf of NorthWestKillersFishing and myself and ALL of AAA Nation…we appreciate what you do for us. ROLLING SLIDESHOW!

An intro for a photo show? How about a list of the names of all the slayers in here? Nah. Let’s just roll with it. The kid is alseep. Best to move on it. 🙂 PICTURE SHOW HERE: TeamSalmon2013