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If you’re not linked up with me on the Fishbook Nation aka Facebook…then you’ve missed thousands of dollars in prizes over the last 18 months.  Here are the two most recent winners and what they’ve won! To participate you must click the FB link on my homepage here, top right, and friend request me on […]

You must join my Friends list on facebook to play. It’s super easy and a great way to meet anglers and get free product from local and independent tackle manufacturers that sponsor this AAA venture. Click the FB button and play. It’s 2013. What do you mean you don’t have FB? CONTEST THRU MONDAY JAN […]

Another contest hosted by me, Christopher Heller, over on facebook. As always I’ll post the contest details here as well. NatesBait is a proud sponsor and can be easily hotlinked to by clicking on his logo in my sponsor window when it pops up. *Post as shown on facebook… “It’s CONTEST time! Win two […]

To participate in this newest contest simply click on the FB tab right here on the AAA website and then Friend Request me, Christopher Heller. Once accepted you’ll be able to play! I do these all the time and it’s a very simple process. The contest are different and varietal and you never know what […]

By now you probably know I host over a dozen contests a month showcasing products and services from my incredibly awesome team of sponsors and partners. Thanks to John Webb and his donation of decal cut outs I’ve also been giving away these stickers as prizes. The contests usually range from 1 day […]

If you’re not linked up with me on Facebook then you’re missing the opportunity for lots and lots of free gear. Didja know that over the past three months I’ve given away over 1200.00 in free gear? Rods, apparel, jigs, lures, DVDs and more. Most recently I did a top three places prize for Kevin […]