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The Reel Tech is Mr. John Strenk out of Medford, OR. Hi provides outstanding and comprehensive reel repair quicker and with more care than most. Shipping is simple: A flat rate box of reels that weighs a whole bunch can be sent via USPS Priority Flat for next to nothing and turned around just as […]

If you follow AAA or me on FB then you darn well know Lael Paul Johnson. He’s half of the Outdoor Line’s YoungGuns Duo (Joey Princen other half) I’ve had the pleasure of meeting LJ in person and fishing with him alongside Phantom and I’m very excited to announce his professional relationship now with! […]

Please take a moment to lay your eyes on a metallic blue Sprocket dusted with red flake. This by the way is NWK frontman Chris Blanchard’s absolute favorite. He and the Killers crew have laid to waste more chrome on these than any other….. KND Custom Tackle is 100% made in the USA. KND CUSTOM […]

This tips and tricks video is brought to you by the sponsors of AAA I’m so proud to call my partners. Enjoy the tips and tricks! Special thanks to Jason D Miller, Spencer Rhodes, Brandon Hoover and Kevin Gray. Steelhead Tips and Tricks movie here! A very special holiday to all of you sponsors that […]

I’ve recently been given a tremendous opportunity to fish my very own custom float rod tied by John Strenk of The Reel Tech. I would like to dedicate this post to revealing many of John’s artisan rod works for you all to see. Make sure to also watch for the NWK Fishing team who will […]

Certainly you know who NWK Fishing is by now right? You can log onto their site at NWKFISHING.BLOGSPOT.COM CLICK HERE CLICK HERE to see what they have been up to lately. OR/AND you can just watch them slay some early winter steel right here, right now. PART I PART II

Just as I am proud of everyone who’s helped me get to where I am today…I am equally as proud when new partners come on board as well. Especially when it’s someone like Rob Brown. Not sure who Rob is or what his R and B Lure Company is about? Read on…. READ THE BILL […]

I’m very happy to be part of James Beasley’s WICKED LURES Pro Staff team. If you see me driving by in my four door pickup you can’t help but notice I have ‘’ down the side of it. There are huge things happening for James and you’ll see a lot more from The Wicked One […]

These guys never cease to amaze me with their production, heart, spirit and enthusiasm. There is an obvious respect for the game that really shines through with their work. Their ‘Captain’ I’ll call him…Chris Blanchard..has a very bright future ahead of him. The rest of you Killers stay close. He’ll get you there. Chris B […]

Logo not yet hotlinked in sponsor window Logo hotlinked to Cleardrift Floats website in sponsor window… Logo not yet hotlinked in sponsor window Over the last twelve months this project of mine I began in 2006 on a hope and a prayer has grown some real…well, fins, shall we say. I tuned out the negative, […]