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Contact John Strenk of The Reel Tech company to spec out your custom build today. Reel Tech is a proud supporter of All Around Angler. is his website to a complete line of products and services. MORE media from The Reel Tech John Strenk continues….. RECOIL Guides Finished Rod photo show pictures John Strenk […]

Proper reel adjustment is commonly misunderstood. By myself included. Read on….from John Strenk, The Reel Tech Recipe for a professional overlay By The Reel Tech As a reel technician, I get lots of customers who are wishing to achieve better casting distance or better “free spool” from their bait casting reels. When I receive the […]

John Strenk IS The Reel Tech (Proud AAA sponsor/partner)….listen, learn…share. Send him your reels today for an overhaul today! Local PDX area companies cannot compare. Period. In this photo, there are 3 different examples of drag materials. Left: Carbontex drag material that can be either installed as is, or with the addition of drag grease. […]