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Video snippet from presentation

Posted: January 11, 2014 by Hellcat in Fish Reports

My philosophy…..simply stated in this video snippet from my upcoming twenty or so minutes filmed live this past week at the NW Steelheaders Association Columbia River Chapter.

Thank you for your support. Special introduction pricing ends at the end of this month. Here’s my fourth All Around Angler, LLC. coaching/guided trip promo. Thanks to Bobber Down Jigs, The Reel Tech and Cleardrift Floats for their participation in this one.

After performing guided coaching trips now for two months I’ve averaged at least two trips a week from the moment I went live. I’m grateful for the success and want to give back to you…my readers, viewers and AAAers who continue to support this indy angling movement of helping each other learn, excel and thrive […]

I couldn’t sleep so I made a little promo for Christmas gift trips. Lemme know your thoughts. Brochure might be next step.

Enjoy this little diddy from the Guided coaching trips I’ve done so far! I hope it get’s you pumped even if you aren’t one of the anglers in the film! TS2013

Contact John Strenk of The Reel Tech company to spec out your custom build today. Reel Tech is a proud supporter of All Around Angler. is his website to a complete line of products and services. MORE media from The Reel Tech John Strenk continues….. RECOIL Guides Finished Rod photo show pictures John Strenk […]

Words from the angler…. Want to treat yourself to a custom fishing rod built to your specifications? Want to get that special fisherman or fisherwoman in your life a custom fishing rod? “If you would like to own a one of a kind, meticulously handcrafted fishing rod built exactly to your specifications look no further […]

What would be a better rod eye than one that could never ever break? Answer: Very little. John Strenk, owner of Reel Tech Custom Rods, show’s us why these bad boys are so dang cool…. NEW RECOIL GUIDES STUN! TeamSalmon2013 * * *

Please take a moment to lay your eyes on a metallic blue Sprocket dusted with red flake. This by the way is NWK frontman Chris Blanchard’s absolute favorite. He and the Killers crew have laid to waste more chrome on these than any other….. KND Custom Tackle is 100% made in the USA. KND CUSTOM […]