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Hello, Please visit my newest article for the look at John Strenk’s company, The Reel Tech. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE ARTICLE ON EXAMINER.COM’S PORTLAND FISHING EXAMINER, CHRISTOPHER HELLER

I’ve recently been given a tremendous opportunity to fish my very own custom float rod tied by John Strenk of The Reel Tech. I would like to dedicate this post to revealing many of John’s artisan rod works for you all to see. Make sure to also watch for the NWK Fishing team who will […]

Although John Strenk of The Reel Tech is highly recommended for his expertise at repairing ALL kinds of reels…many of you may not know that he also does more than just fixing and rebuilding reels. He custom builds some of the most beautiful, river-spec’d casting and spinning rods I’ve ever seen. I must also mention […]