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Hello, Please visit my newest article for the look at John Strenk’s company, The Reel Tech. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE ARTICLE ON EXAMINER.COM’S PORTLAND FISHING EXAMINER, CHRISTOPHER HELLER

The Reel Tech is Mr. John Strenk out of Medford, OR. Hi provides outstanding and comprehensive reel repair quicker and with more care than most. Shipping is simple: A flat rate box of reels that weighs a whole bunch can be sent via USPS Priority Flat for next to nothing and turned around just as […]

This slide show is courtesy Mr. Jon Geyer of the guide service of the same name and myself…H3llcat. On behalf of NorthWestKillersFishing and myself and ALL of AAA Nation…we appreciate what you do for us. ROLLING SLIDESHOW!

Proper reel adjustment is commonly misunderstood. By myself included. Read on….from John Strenk, The Reel Tech Recipe for a professional overlay By The Reel Tech As a reel technician, I get lots of customers who are wishing to achieve better casting distance or better “free spool” from their bait casting reels. When I receive the […]

I’ve recently been given a tremendous opportunity to fish my very own custom float rod tied by John Strenk of The Reel Tech. I would like to dedicate this post to revealing many of John’s artisan rod works for you all to see. Make sure to also watch for the NWK Fishing team who will […]

You don’t have to go very far to find a man of irrefutable character, work ethic and passion to please customers right here on Look no farther than John Strenk of The Reel Tech specializing in reel repair, custom rod builds and custom jig creations. With 22 years behind the table he got this […]

John Strenk IS The Reel Tech (Proud AAA sponsor/partner)….listen, learn…share. Send him your reels today for an overhaul today! Local PDX area companies cannot compare. Period. In this photo, there are 3 different examples of drag materials. Left: Carbontex drag material that can be either installed as is, or with the addition of drag grease. […]

John Strenk is the owner of The Reel Tech, a proud sponsor of John’s business is comprised of reel repair and maintenance, custom rod building and custom jig tying. Apparently the fishing gene runs thick in his family too. Here are his nephews Dylan and Ryan with HAWGS! Cant believe how fast time flies, […]

John Strenk is the founder and owner of The Reel Tech and is a proud sponsor of John has contributed to AAA in multiple forms in the past year and Mila and I are very grateful. We will continue to endorse John and his services proudly. Words from The Reel Tech…. One of the […]

As seen on’s Portland Fishing Examiner. Whether you find your solace angling in the ocean or in a lake….in a river or a small stream, chances are you’ve used the reel(s) attached to your favortie rod(s) far beyond their intended capacity since the last time they’ve seen a service. You might even be as […]