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You don’t have to go very far to find a man of irrefutable character, work ethic and passion to please customers right here on Look no farther than John Strenk of The Reel Tech specializing in reel repair, custom rod builds and custom jig creations. With 22 years behind the table he got this […]

John Strenk is the founder and owner of The Reel Tech and is a proud sponsor of John has contributed to AAA in multiple forms in the past year and Mila and I are very grateful. We will continue to endorse John and his services proudly. Words from The Reel Tech…. One of the […]

REEL THOUGHTS By The Reel Tech aka John Strenk There is increasing popularity of the use of braided lines in all types of fishing. Braids can be fished effectively on spinning reels as well as casting reels, and I personally use braid on both. You will need to consider the type of fishing you are […]

As seen on’s Portland Fishing Examiner. Whether you find your solace angling in the ocean or in a lake….in a river or a small stream, chances are you’ve used the reel(s) attached to your favortie rod(s) far beyond their intended capacity since the last time they’ve seen a service. You might even be as […]

By John Strenk aka The Reel Tech Hello all, Just a tidbit of advice from The Reel Tech. Im sure you guys all have reels with a thumb bar disengagement systems such as shimano Curados, Citicas, Calcuttas, Chronarchs, Pfleuger Presidents, Trions, Daiwa baitcast reels etc etc. All of these systems have a bar, either metal […]

Although John Strenk of The Reel Tech is highly recommended for his expertise at repairing ALL kinds of reels…many of you may not know that he also does more than just fixing and rebuilding reels. He custom builds some of the most beautiful, river-spec’d casting and spinning rods I’ve ever seen. I must also mention […]

One thing our new endorsed reel and rod repair technician, John Strenk, does not have is small steelheaditis. This guy really lays the wood into some TOADS. I can’t wait to fish with this guy. Got Strenk? “Cant get enough of bent rod shots. My Buddy captured this one of me with a full blown […]

Please welcome John Strenk and his company, The Reel Tech, to All Around Got a bad reel? Box it up and send it to John. Experience and passion goes a long way in this game. And chances are your older reels are built better than many newer ones. Might as well ship ’em out […]