Movie: NWKillers produce a BANGER!!!!

Posted: October 25, 2012 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Gear Fishing, Out of Area, Salmon, Trout & Steelhead
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These guys never cease to amaze me with their production, heart, spirit and enthusiasm. There is an obvious respect for the game that really shines through with their work. Their ‘Captain’ I’ll call him…Chris Blanchard..has a very bright future ahead of him. The rest of you Killers stay close. He’ll get you there.

Chris B and the Killers new movie here (remember to click on the NWK Fishing logo as it appears in the sponsor window to visit their awesome website)

You can find much more from the NWK crew by searching the following tags in my search engine: NWK, Nwk Fishing, NW Killers, Northwest Killers, Chris Blanchard

  1. chris blanchard says:

    Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Hellcat says:

    Chris thank you for all you do for AAA. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

  3. Strick says:

    Since I started watching both of you gentleman’s movies, I have not once broke out my VHS tapes of Fishing the West.

  4. Hellcat says:

    HAHAHAHAHA…no ‘flannel fix’ then, huh?

  5. chris blanchard says:

    Hahaha freakin stricker!

  6. chris blanchard says:

    Heller i am very lucky to jave so many great people surrounding my project….big thanks to you!

  7. Josh Kennedy says:

    Sick footage bro! great strecth of water, and beautiful slabs great work fellas!

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