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Please take a moment to lay your eyes on a metallic blue Sprocket dusted with red flake. This by the way is NWK frontman Chris Blanchard’s absolute favorite. He and the Killers crew have laid to waste more chrome on these than any other….. KND Custom Tackle is 100% made in the USA. KND CUSTOM […]

By now you probably know I host over a dozen contests a month showcasing products and services from my incredibly awesome team of sponsors and partners. Thanks to John Webb and his donation of decal cut outs I’ve also been giving away these stickers as prizes. The contests usually range from 1 day […]

I need say not. Here is Kevin with his own words…. Words from the angler…. “I almost can’t believe I’m going to say this…It’s Here…………… The site is up and running…The store is still under construction and will be open for business in the next few days..” Kevin Roberts KEVIN ROBERTS IS THE OWNER OF […]

Two AAA partners/sponsors teaming up to ‘smash’ (as James Beasley would say) sockeye just south of the Canadian border. This is Kevin KND Roberts and Chris NWKFISHING Blancard…..Featuring Fish Muttons! CLICK on the NWKillers Fishing logo when it appears on the home page and visit their awesome blog featuring surf fishing for kings…… * * […]

KND Custom Tackle: Made in the USA for fishermen, by fishermen. Support his efforts today. You’ll catch more fish, stay more organized and promote growth of local tackle companies. Contact KEVIN and KND today for a phone order at 360-410-6018. Hello All Around Anglers! I’m reaching out to you today to ask for your help […]

If you’re not linked up with me on Facebook then you’re missing the opportunity for lots and lots of free gear. Didja know that over the past three months I’ve given away over 1200.00 in free gear? Rods, apparel, jigs, lures, DVDs and more. Most recently I did a top three places prize for Kevin […]

Featuring Jason Strychnine Stricker and Kevin KND Custom Tackle Roberts….the featured fish was hooked on Kevin’s SPROCKET SPINNER in a No. 5 and Chart in color. MOVIE: * * *

The locally-made (Lynden, WA) Sprocket casting spinner from KND Custom Tackle’s incredibly versatile line of product isn’t the first of it’s kind but after trying one out you’ll be hard pressed to go back to traditional bell and rattle clevised spinner ever again. Anglers in the Pacific Northwest steelhead and salmon river angling scene have […]

North West Killers Fishing is a group of anglers from the Eugene, OR area that capture the essence of what river angling means to me. Probably to you too. I’ve just linked them to AAA in my LINKS section and I’ll be adding them to my partner page as well since they were kind enough […]

In a series of reviews written to educate you surrounding an innovative product line from Kevin Roberts and KND Custom Tackle comes the first feature piece: The Rod Butler. When I first met Kevin Roberts, owner/founder of KND Custom Tackle Co., I asked him what type of stuff KND made……he replied “I make just about […]