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I took a little drive with TeamSmolt on Sunday while Mama rested and captured a few of my favorite spots with the camera. This river is still rising as we speak. There’s no risk of flood. There’s also no risk of a fish on your line. Anytime soon, that is. We all knew this would […]

A couple trips this year have been under ridiculously high water experiences. Strangely ironic since most of our December fishing was record low flows. Such is the dynamic us river junkies must contend. Music By Modest Mouse, Flaming Lips, Snow Patrol and Hello I’m a Truck. STAY TUNED FOR PART 2 WHICH IS A BANK […]

Our low water steely fishing is officially FINITO. We needed rain but definitely not this much. This extreme transition is typical of the La Nina weather pattern as polar opposite conditions often butt up against one another during these periods. Meteorology 201. There isn’t one prediction table I know of that has anything in a […]

The title says it all. Movie made with Apple’s new Final Cut Pro X software * * *

It’s the Rage.

Posted: November 24, 2011 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, News
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TeamSalmon was out on the scout today. Big props to The Traveler Lynch. What can you do but be humbled by Mother Nature in all of her glory. Need-less-to-say I won’t be swinging a spoon through this river anytime soon. HighWaterRage/2011 * * * *

It looks like…based on all current predictions…that we are set to receive our first PacNW Fall Storm of the year this coming week. Predicted rainfall and rising freezing levels should bump every coastal river significantly…starting about a half a day earlier the farther north you go. WA coastal tribs will see the first spikes by […]