It looks like…based on all current predictions…that we are set to receive our first PacNW Fall Storm of the year this coming week. Predicted rainfall and rising freezing levels should bump every coastal river significantly…starting about a half a day earlier the farther north you go.

WA coastal tribs will see the first spikes by tomorrow evening (some of whom will be doubling in size) while the OR rivers will be up to a day behind as you approach the central coast.

The extent to which local rivers will be affected is arguable at this point….but need-less-to-say winter steelhead will be up and rolling by Thanksgiving weekend. I would say Thursday will be a no go for most rivers while Friday may be the first shot at many of them. Ideal days will be Sat and Sun.

If I see anything changing on the predictions I’ll let you know. NOAA has already downgraded the storm slightly so I’ll keep a lookout.

Hope this helps you get your steel on. And whatever else you might be chasing. 🙂

H3llcat, AAA Founder

  1. Fishing Tips says:

    A Thanksgiving Steelhead sounds alright to me. Good Lord it feels good to be thinking about that bobber going down and that silver slimy bullet breaking the water all the while ice is exploding from the eyes of a fine Lamiglas rod. Please keep this thread updated on the Coast levels for this weekend. I would really like to catch a Steelhead but the reports of other CROME like creatures on the coast are drawing my curiosity..??


  2. Hellcat says:

    Excellent comment.

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