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A couple trips this year have been under ridiculously high water experiences. Strangely ironic since most of our December fishing was record low flows. Such is the dynamic us river junkies must contend. Music By Modest Mouse, Flaming Lips, Snow Patrol and Hello I’m a Truck. STAY TUNED FOR PART 2 WHICH IS A BANK […]

As seen on’s Portland Fishing Examiner on line magazine. The following is an product review by Christopher Heller of Rusty Bell’s plastic baits company, Western Fishing Operations (WFO from herein). To say that I am old school would be innaccurate. At least to me. But I suppose with almost forty years of fishing, […]

We all have a story about launching a drift boat. Maybe your truck got stuck trying to pull your boat up and over a sand bar. Or maybe you had to run it down a slide and had an extreme pucker factor ensue. Steve Gustafson and I now have a story that definitely tops yours. […]

Through a fellow All Around Angler and contributor of this site, Steve ‘The Hustler’ Gustafson I was made aware of some fantastic locally made custom plastics….Western Fishing Operations, owned and operated by Rusty Bell. I used my first WFO plastic earlier this season to the tune of two fish right off the bat. When nothing […]