3 new Kevin Gray videos: Chromehammer Productions..buoy 10 fishing youtube

Posted: September 13, 2014 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Salmon, Trout & Steelhead
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He needs no intro. Just type the name ‘Kevin Gray’ or ‘Chromehammer’ into my search bar here on the website and you’ll see why I say that. Here are three new movies Kevin’s gracious enough to share with us in the TripA world. Buoy 10 fishing youtube

1) Ocean Coho

2) Buoy 10 Coho bite

3) Buoy 10 Takedowns part 1

  1. Derek Reed says:

    This makes me want to fish buoy 10 even more. Someday

  2. TowTruck says:

    I liked the scene when he puts the flasher into the water and the fish hits it only 1 foot under the water!!

  3. Hellcat says:

    Kevin’s stuff is always great. He’s got gills. I swear.

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