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First introduced to me right here on my website by AAA guest author, professional guide/outfitter and contributor Vinnie Froehlich…Pro-Loks were initially reviewed and presented by him. This article is simply my own evaluation on the product as it pertains only to me.

“PRO-LOKS are the most advanced rowing system ever designed. They are the smoothest, quietest, safest system available today. PRO-LOKS are designed by owner and 22 year guide of R.B.F. Excursions guide service Dan Little who has spent over 10 years developing the PRO-LOKS rowing system. Destined to become the new standard of the rowing industry.”

UPDATE from PRO-LOKS: “Edge oars are now available exclusively through PRO-LOKS and is a remarkable combination!! We still have Sawyer oars available also, check us out for your rowing needs.”


When Vinnie Froehlich, owner of North Fork Angling, offered to explain his passion for a product pure and simple to all my readers and viewers he certainly had my attention quickly. You see Vince is an established professional guide coming of of Washington State and seasonally operating in Alaska. He’s also an established outdoor writer/author so you can imagine the subsequent flattery I felt. I gratefully accepted and the article was written and published right here on AAA.

It was great. It garnered fantastic reaction, discussion and certainly brought a level of competence to All Around Angler not previously present. I’m proud of my growth and Vinnie is a great example of that. ALL of this being said….Pro-Loks only really resonated with me after I saw them in person. This was due to a partnership developed by John Webb, AAA Graphics, and Dan Little, owner of Pro-Loks that I benefited from directly resulting in a pair of Pro-Loks “Lok’d In” my own Triple A Diamond Back Drifter. Which is the first thing I’d like to dismiss as untrue: Pro-Loks do not stay ‘locked’ in any way, shape or form unless you’d like them to stay that way. In which case you allow the oar to…essentially fall more than lock into place…by allowing them to retreat fully.

Let’s back up.


Simple put Pro-Loks not ‘locks’ are a revolutionary rowing system allowing an oarsman of only a fair skill level become GOOD if not great in short order. Since there’s no reason to cut and paste directly from Dan’s website and he’s already provided a clear description of what is included when you buy…..simply CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK TO THE ENITRE SYSTEM and all it’s pieces including PRO RITE, OAR STOPPERS, PRO-LOKS OAR COLLAR and available for either EDGE or Sawyer oars or paddles.

Stoked on some new oar locks but unaware how much they would help me…I planned on using them my next trip out. Which I did successfully and without hassle. In fact the first time using them improved my overall rowing ability so much that I was effectively fishing water with three anglers in the boat where I’d never been able to before.

I could move faster. I mean a lot faster. AND keep the range of motion and freedom of movement with the oars you’ve become so accustom to. How? EASY! The oars only ‘lock’ in place if you let them slide into the pre-positioned PRO RITE fitted position. This fitting is mainly to allow a steady boat on anchor in current. Even fast current. Trust me I’ve tested it. You won’t ever need a front anchor or a sea anchor in a small river again. THEY RUDDER YOUR DRIFTER! Get it? Good. 🙂

I could be quiet. I mean really quiet. In fact it’s one of the first things my passenger angler Nick Nichols said at the time which was ‘Listen? Do you hear anything? Exactly’. I stopped for a moment and then began rowing again only paying attention to the sounds of my motions. He was right. All the clanging and normal boat noise created from the rowing process were eliminated. It’s very important to lower water success to be able to be quiet in your vessel. Particularly when your vessel is made of aluminum. Aluminum boats are loud boats. Pro-Loks makes them less so. Again just another piece of the overall benefits. There are many.


The main component of the system is obviously the oar collar itself. Without this nothing would work. And that’s what makes this system such a no-brainer: Why not have complete 100% coverage of the oar from the collar as opposed to partial coverage from a traditional lock? Exactly. More is always better. More surface coverage means more power on the stroke. More power on the stroke means more control of the boat. More control of the boat means more angling opportunities in water not yet fished properly due to erratic boat management in tough or touchy water.

I can row faster and quieter while using less energy than before. I can quickly rudder my boat on anchor and get floats or plugs out quickly. I can cull and twist and tap and flutter and everything else you want to do with a traditional oar and lock system. I can just do it BETTER with these. I can seriously fish one more person in my boat not because I have so much more control.

I don’t pimp product that doesn’t elevate my own game. It must work for me in order to write about it favorably for you. Without you guys I’m nada.

Visit PRO-LOKS website directly by clicking here

…or simply find him and LIKE him on or by guide service of RBF Excursions on Facebook personal where you will friend request him.

Okay I know you have them….Questions?

Review by Christohper Heller

  1. sean says:

    Great write up… one ? Though… are these only compatible withthe edge and sawyer sticks?

  2. Hellcat says:

    Oh thank you for the comment! They will work with anything oar-wise

  3. Luuuuuuuuukkke says:

    Very good article. This will forever implant into my brain, that when I get a driftboat…I should probably check out Pro-Loks!

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