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Please enjoy this latest tips and tricks from All Around Angler, LLC. as I show you how to get great yarnies in awesome, fishy colors for about a penny a piece. A day with AAA on the water is full of such anecdotal angling antidotes. 🙂

Steelhead Fishing Yarnie.. There are three good reasons I can think of off the top of my head for not wanting an egg loop above your multi-colored yarn ball: 1) The water is open to Artificial Only regulations. 2) You’re tying them to fish off of a fly rod or extremely light spinning rod. 3) […]

I am juggling quite a few activities tonight but wanted to wet your palette for yummy fish pics to come. The coast may have been blown….but we found fresh steelhead. Don’t hate. Appreciate. More pics, a movie and a tutorial on tying yarnies with egg loops above them to come soon. Hey, I’m here to […]