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First introduced to me right here on my website by AAA guest author, professional guide/outfitter and contributor Vinnie Froehlich…Pro-Loks were initially reviewed and presented by him. This article is simply my own evaluation on the product as it pertains only to me. “PRO-LOKS are the most advanced rowing system ever designed. They are the smoothest, […]

The locally-made (Lynden, WA) Sprocket casting spinner from KND Custom Tackle’s incredibly versatile line of product isn’t the first of it’s kind but after trying one out you’ll be hard pressed to go back to traditional bell and rattle clevised spinner ever again. Anglers in the Pacific Northwest steelhead and salmon river angling scene have […]

In a series of reviews written to educate you surrounding an innovative product line from Kevin Roberts and KND Custom Tackle comes the first feature piece: The Rod Butler. When I first met Kevin Roberts, owner/founder of KND Custom Tackle Co., I asked him what type of stuff KND made……he replied “I make just about […]

As seen on’s Portland Fishing Examiner on line magazine. The following is an product review by Christopher Heller of Rusty Bell’s plastic baits company, Western Fishing Operations (WFO from herein). To say that I am old school would be innaccurate. At least to me. But I suppose with almost forty years of fishing, […]

As seen on’s Portland Fishing Examiner. Whether you find your solace angling in the ocean or in a lake….in a river or a small stream, chances are you’ve used the reel(s) attached to your favortie rod(s) far beyond their intended capacity since the last time they’ve seen a service. You might even be as […]