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Becoming a better angler means something different to everyone. It might mean putting enough meat and eggs in your freezer during the spring run to last you until the fall run. Or it may mean something more subtle. Adjustments. At least for us primary small river finesse all around anglers I do believe it’s the […]

Enjoy this little diddy I didn’t intend on making but couldn’t resist showcasing it as I begin to peel the massive onion of footage we shot on Saturday.

FORTY MINUTES of salmon bait curing with the man himself. I would like to thank everyone who helped make this happen. Mostly Neit and Jason. Thanks guys. Now let’s get some hits on this video! Running time 43:00

Steelhead Fishing and Steelhead Tips: This is a float fishing instructional video featuring a technique many of you can mix into whatever you are already doing to be more successful. Simply position yourself ABOVE your target water whenever possible. Thanks to Nich Nichols and Matthew Morris for their efforts with all the video promo work […]

We’re almost fully entrenched in spring chinook fever. Those of us that relish the winter steelhead season so must move on gracefully to the next season on deck. And it’s here. There’s nothing more important when spring salmon fishing, or any salmon fishing for that matter, that you correctly ‘match the hatch’. In this case […]

….The REEL TRUTH manuscript. This text was transferred from Steve directly and I have not made any changes what so ever. Please enjoy this very special treat I have for you today. Best of all LEARN SOMETHING NEW! Who knows…maybe you will. AAA is an educational and entertainment content site primarily offering river and stream […]

Please take a moment to educate yourself on anchoring in the big metropolitan rivers that surround us when you’re heading out for spring chinook on anchor this season. This video was originally posted in July of 2011. DID YOU KNOW THAT I HAVE OVER 412 MOVIES YOU CAN VIEW BY SIMPLY CLICKING ON THE FISHING […]

For this personally timely and professionally invaluable piece of work I would like to give huge thank you to Mr. Vince Froehlich….the owner of North Fork Angling LLC and a full-time professional fishing guide & outfitter, operating currently in WA State. I will post the pics in the best order I can and cut the […]

Every once in a while throughout your day of steelhead hunting on any given river you will find deep, slow water somewhere. You’ll most likely come across this water in the classic small rivers we all commonly fish. Chances are most of you aren’t quite sure how to jig fish deep water with confidence so […]

In additional to the plethora of AAA TV I’ve been shoving down your throats…..I thought I’d try to free up some of my own brain space by unloading a bit of information you may or may not be interested in. Fishing line. How about ‘all there is to know about fishing lines?’ I’ll give it […]