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This next is demonstrated by Matthew Morris of TeamSalmon and AAA. This knot is recommended for mono to braid when the opposing lines vary greatly in diameter. Otherwise you’re safe with your Double Uni.

Here’s some selected knot video tutorials from the archives you simply MUST be able to tie this winter steelhead season. Enjoy! But make sure to practice! BOBBER STOP KNOT (mainline) THE QUICK KNOT (mono terminal knot) DOUBLE QUICK KNOT (braided terminal knot) DOUBLE UNI KNOT (braid to mono bumper knot) THE EGG LOOP KNOT […]

New from the All Around Angler Tutorial Series….this shows anglers how to tie their own bobber-stops. After all, you don’t buy your egg loops do you? Why would you buy…..Uh oh. That tutorial is next then. Keep ’em wet, H3llcat

We’ll be featuring many new Salmon & Steelhead fishing tutorial pieces moving forward. This is the All Around Tutorial Series. Today we are showing you the only knot you need to know for attaching mono to terminal tackle. Mostly used for Salmon & Steelhead Fishing, Period. Please enjoy and comment here with any questions […]

Big thanks to reader/viewer Matthew O’Conner for sending in some very good, educated fishing questions to All Around These fishing questions are so relevant to the season upon us I thought it prudent to post the dialogue as a Question and Answer session. He was concernced they may be too much on the beginning […]