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The locally-made (Lynden, WA) Sprocket casting spinner from KND Custom Tackle’s incredibly versatile line of product isn’t the first of it’s kind but after trying one out you’ll be hard pressed to go back to traditional bell and rattle clevised spinner ever again.

Anglers in the Pacific Northwest steelhead and salmon river angling scene have long dug into their gear bags and packs for that perfect steelhead spinner. That perfect lure that hopefully yield them the ever-so-coveted agressive, territorial strike from a smash and grab, chrome bright Oncohryncus Mykiss.

Steelhead fishing with casting spinners is nothing new. After all, my first steelhead was caught on a spinner in 1986 on the Deschutes River. Niether is the bell design or single siwash hook pattern of KND’s Sprocket spinner anything new. Both have been around for a while and the basic design is already tried and true.

There is always room for improvement in an angler’s game. The same holds true for tackle and for lure design and function.

What makes the Sprocket spinner successful? What makes it different from the usual suspects in most of our tackle bags? Let’s take a look as I’ve asked the Owner of KND Custom Tackle, Kevin Roberts, to help us out with some distinctions within his design:

CH: In terms of lure quality in particular spinner quality I’m always disappointed at how fast the paint chips on most of my lures. I’ve noticed with my KND Sprocket spinners there is hardly any paint damage even after dredging the rockiest of bottoms. Can you tell me why Sprocket’s hold up so much better?

KR: I have a system that really cures the paint to a rock hard finish. Now don’t get me wrong if you were to slam it down to the concrete you probably chip the paint. Most likely the bell will dent causing the paint to chip.

CH: I understand, Kevin. I was talking with another angler the other day who uses KND Sprocket spinners and he confirmed it keeps it’s color and shape fish after fish and trip after trip. He also caught a 20+ lb steelhead on a size 4 orange Sprocket recently. I suppose the next obvious question is….what makes the KND Sprocket spinner perform better? Is there a secret in the design?

KR: Sure. How about when your readers do their own Sprocket spinner testing they try this test: I call it the Sonic Sound Vibration Test. Easily achieved by tying the spinner on your line and placing it in the water with enough line out so the water’s current makes the lure spin by itself. Next place the rod butt against your ear. You may get a lot of funny looks from everybody as I did (when prototyping) but what the hell. Then compare it (your results) with a Blue Fox of the same size. You will be able to clearly hear and feel the bell and bead combo at work and the difference between the two lures.

CH: Kevin I actually did this with some of my own Sprockets and you are right…..there really is a difference. Thanks for answering a couple questions for my readers, Kevin. I believe you’ve got a winner here. And it’s not easy to impress river fishermen. We’ve seen it all.

After I was finished speaking with Kevin I gathered as much info as I could from anglers in my own immediate network about what might make them switch from using their tried and true Blue Fox’s to a KND Sprocket spinner. The resounding answers were quality for length of use and customization. I’ve covered the quality aspect. Now let’s look at customization.

KND will make you any spinner you can think of upon your request. I asked him to expound on the cost and design aspects in practical explanation and this was his response:

“There 3 sizes to choose from. #3, #4, #5.Base price for #3 one color is $ 3.50. Each color added is .50. Base Price for #4 w/ one color is $3.75 and .50 each color added. Base for #5 w/ one color is $4.00 and .50 each color added. UV clear coat option now available for additional $1.00 each. If you want to order please call me @ 360-410-6018.” Kevin Roberts

Are you kidding me? The quality I’ve described and heard testimony of…..the production of fish caught to this point by the initial anglers who’ve tested these spinners all combined with the aforementioned price structure? This is a deal to tough to pass up.

THIS JUST IN: KND will be releasing a salmon/only version of the Sprocket! Review on that to come soon……

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  1. jason says:

    Straight up $$…Got mine in the mail today, they look killer. Stoked to chuck em Thursday!

  2. The Hustler says:

    Those look lethal! One thing I want to do more of is spinner fishing.

  3. Jim Reed says:

    These things are AWESOME!! Started with 1.. now holding 9 and addicted for more..great color patters above a MUST GET!!

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