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I’ve said before we live in a braid crazy society. Much has changed since the first time I strung up a Penn Senator with 80lb spectra fiber line in 1993. Twenty years since the dawning of new generation fishing line. Fishing line designed to mimic the stretching properties of stainless steel wire line while sporting […]

The locally-made (Lynden, WA) Sprocket casting spinner from KND Custom Tackle’s incredibly versatile line of product isn’t the first of it’s kind but after trying one out you’ll be hard pressed to go back to traditional bell and rattle clevised spinner ever again. Anglers in the Pacific Northwest steelhead and salmon river angling scene have […]

As seen in’s Portland Fishing Examiner…published today March 14th, 2012. As the Founder/Owner of I get to fish with many different anglers from all sorts of backgrounds, skill sets and levels of accomplishment. One thing everyone has in common is a visceral desire to be more productive each time out on the water. […]

I am writing Salmon & Steelhead Fishing Articles for Online Magazine again. You can find me and my Salmon & Steelhead Articles under the section titled “Portland Fishing Examiner”. Keep ’em wet, Christopher H3llcat Heller