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KND Custom Tackle: Made in the USA for fishermen, by fishermen. Support his efforts today. You’ll catch more fish, stay more organized and promote growth of local tackle companies. Contact KEVIN and KND today for a phone order at 360-410-6018.

Hello All Around Anglers! I’m reaching out to you today to ask for your help with one of my most important sponsors: KND Custom Tackle (Kevin Roberts). Most of you have seen Knd Custom Tackle’s wide product offering of the utmost quality and variety right here on my AAA site. I’ve even featured him in my movies, and of course Twitter. Kevin needs all of our help right now. Due to unexpected complications with the build out of his website, which would include all the eCommerce capabilities needed to sell product, he finds himself in a precarious situation: TONS OF STOCK and no sales happening. We all know his product works better than anything. Just look at Nwk Fishing’s wall and website or Jason Stricker’s wall to know how well his Sprocket Spinners work and hold up. They make Blue Fox look like paper mache. His rod butlers are a must have for any angler and his Twitching Jigs are extremely innovative and effective. In order to avoid Kevin shutting down his operations before this website can be completed I am asking everyone to please phone Kevin for your own custom orders. 360-410-6018 is his number. Tell a friend who might need his product to ring him today. Kevin is a great man and he needs our help. Everything that has happened is beyond his control. We’re all hoping it straightens itself out quickly.

Sprocket Spinners from KND are sure to impress even the most die hard hardware fishermen.

KND’s product line is expansive and practical….from jigs to spinners to rod wraps their stuff RULES!

NEED I say anymore?? Plug fishermen pick up your phone to talk to Kevin about why this product is so extremely innovative, fresh and new.

Finally…the brand new Salty Sprocket spinner is revolutionary……

Help support independent tackle companies who are trying to do things the right way by calling Kevin at KND today to order something you really need. He’s got what you need.


  1. jason says:

    Kevins tackle is off the hook. I recently started using Sprocket Spinners. I was a Blue Fox guy for a long time. I fish summer through fall in small tribs. The Sprockets not only work as well if not better than BF, they hold up! Stronger wire and better quality paint. I’m sold on Sprockets!!! Hands down best spinner on the market.

  2. Hellcat says:

    Great feedback thank you Jason!

  3. dheller says:

    Will be back in town in a couple of days and would like to check out the gear and the prices. Sounds like good stuff to have in the tackle bag. I definitely like the idea of supporting independent and local tackle makers. Sal

  4. The Hustler says:

    They look real fishy, and I have seen some friends posting up chrome results while using them. I also like the Rod Butlers. I am going to pickup some gear from KND. In fact, I think I will call him now.

  5. Raynman says:

    These spinners put the hammer down on the summer chrome. Just got back from my second trip using them and we put some serious fish to the bank. They are brighter, louder, heavier and tougher than anything else that spins out there.. Give em a shot, I guarantee you’ll catch more fish.. Thanks Kevin !!

  6. scott says:

    would like to try some of the knd spinners for winter steelhead. how do i get a hold of some. thanks

  7. Hellcat says:


    Simply go to Kevin’s website by clicking on his logo when you see it appear in the sponsor window. Tell him AAA sent you. Cheers, bro.

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