Sleeping through alarm clock? No biggie: Whack and Stack.

Posted: April 18, 2012 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Gear Fishing, Salmon, Trout & Steelhead
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John Webb is a no joke AllAroundAngler. He’s river smart. He slays whatever he fishes for. Small rivers. Big Rivers. Steel or Nooks. He slays. He’s also one of the most humble dudes you’ll ever meet. On Saturday he schooled me on when to move and when to stay put by simply moving when it was obviously the right thing to do….right?

After John’s alarm clock failed to rise him from his slumber this past Saturday morning….Dan Cox and I were forced to leave the rendezvous spot without him and head down to the mighty Big River to meet our brethren, Sturdy Kirby Cannon, Donaca and Young Gunz. After setting up and getting our big sticks out from the beach I got a call from John he was on his way. Right on.

He showed up a while later and set up his stuff right next to ours. Dan and I moved to make room by recasting and re positioning our holders. There was some great bait in the water (sardines, tuna bellies, shrimp, prawns and herring) and some killer locked and loaded Lami bank rods standing tall. We were ready. Actually Dan and I had been ready.

About an hour later with not much action on our stretch of beach (1 hatch steel and 1 wild nook for approx 50 rods) John received a call from a buddy of his downriver just a little ways….maybe a football field’s distance. His face went straight on the call. A sign of a good fish report being listened to carefully.

After another forty five minutes and two more phone calls from his excited friend…John drove the down river to check it out. He came back to report that it was indeed smoking down there. A few minutes later he left to see for himself with his rod in tow. We all stayed put. Wrong move.

Within ten minutes John called me and said he’d seen two fish on before he could get wet. Did I move? No. I stayed put. Wrong move. Within an hour John had gone 1 for 2 and was on his way to a great day of beach plunking. Did I move? No. I went home. I had waited to move so long I no longer had time to switch spots.

John did his best to help me out but I didn’t listen. Sleeping in. Showing up late. Whacking and stacking. Some clinics are just meant to be.

It doesn’t get much prettier than this released Native…..

…and a head bonker….

Just to round things out species-wise…..

Like a true All Around Angler John is floating a small river today for steelhead fishing with one of the hottest guys on the planet right now, Chad Lynch. I was invited on this trip but alas I am a stay at home father. My weeks are booked with weekends my only reprieve. I have no doubt John’s feedback from today will be very hard to hear.

John Webb is the owner of my proud sponsor ‘In Your Face Graphics and Tinting’ and can be found on Facebook @ John Webb. He offers extremely high quality wrapping, tinting and decal designing for incredibly affordable prices and excellent turn around time. John is currently hosting a Biggest PIG tournament for spring chinook which runs through July and has over $4000.00 in amazing prizes. You can find the post for his contest advertised here on


  1. Hippie Kicker says:

    Good fishing guys just about every river right now. So go get em. And when you add up the orizes for all five places available its about $4000.00 in total giveaways. Really need about 70 people to enter to recoupe my costs and be able to donate a little money to a youth fishing program!

  2. Hellcat says:

    John obviously I’m in. I’ll hand you a check next time I see you.

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