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Kevin Hart is Legacy TeamSalmon and I’m proud to have him sharing his successes with my readers and viewers. I don’t know what is going on but apparently you need to have the birth name, Kevin, in order to catch a spring chinook during this early Big River season. Unless of course your name is, […]

The NEWEST content contributor to is Chris Brander! I’m sure with success like this we can even count on Chris to get into our upcoming salmon tournament and give people a run for their money. Nice work on the steelies, Buddy! Thanks for sharing…..and THANKS for sporting the headgear! I’ve got some flex […]

This is Sturdy Kirby Cannon with a few fish so far in 2012 Big River fishing. I’ll just let these pictures speak for themselves. I would also like to thank Kirby for sharing them with us and for participating in sponsorship of You can bet your a** I’ll be fishing spinners out of […]

Thank you, Dad, for the amazing shot. It inspired the following thoughts and post…. During our local spring chinook season…metropolitan bridges are some of the more common landmarks that beg for the reference from one hungry angler to another…with high hopes that under that bridge may lay the freshest, hungriest and most suicidal beast of […]