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…to the left…Sal Monid helps land a wild fish for a clean release from the net… ….Sal Monid is Dave Heller….my pops. He is both a content contributor and a commercial sponsor as he runs a watershed management company specializing in restoration protection of fish habitat and water quality called DA Heller Consulting. He has […]

The infamous spinner blade under a dink float fooled this chunky buck today. Fooled me too. Any of you who know my Dad know he’s no stranger to fishing spinner blades on barrel swivels and split rings under a fixed dink float. Certainly it’s been a point of contention between us on many occasion when […]

Grandpa Sal and I took TeamSmolt out for a little bit of steelhead fishing today. His first trip ever and he got to watch Grandpa catch a fish. Movie of the trip is posted below.

The first few fish of the New Year come the 2nd day into it. On a day when I went out solo…I ended up running into several friends and even family….as we all had the same idea after watching the river levels for the last two days. After all, we’re TeamSalmon. Great minds think alike. […]

This new movie features Coho and Chinook Salmon fishing over the last seven days. It features both drift boating and banking fishing techniques and yields some big Coho & Chinook Salmon to make this video really fun. It also features the HawgQuest TV program ‘low-holing’ my dad and a couple other guys. Sal provides a […]