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H3llcat, Today I had the opportunity to take a new guy fishing. He is my cousin whom I met for the first time in February this year, and his name is Chris Smith. A retired Marine of 10 years. A fun fact about Chris is that he grew up in Alaska, worked on fish processors […]

Follow Jason Stricker, the only RivTech driftboat owner in Oregon (at the time of this production) as he takes Steve The Hustler Gustafson down a local river for some steelhead action in the summertime. Movie Produced by Heller * * *

Steve Gustafson is fondly referred to on this website as ‘The Hustler’. What do Hustlers do? They hustle. Steve’s hustled up several summer steelhead this week…including this beauty from after work today. I knew I should have gone with him. Wuddayasay Captain Jack and Crusher? You guys passed up too, huh? SUMMER STEELHEAD OF THE […]

Steve ‘The Hustler’ Gustafson is a proud supporter of and a damn fine angler as well. Here are The Hustler and his father, HIPBOOT GUS, alongside River X Fishing Guide Ed Fast…spoken extremely highly of by Steve’s crew. The Hustler’s been away for awhile. Let’s welcome him BACK! Wanna see more Steve Gustafson media? […]

The first few fish of the New Year come the 2nd day into it. On a day when I went out solo…I ended up running into several friends and even family….as we all had the same idea after watching the river levels for the last two days. After all, we’re TeamSalmon. Great minds think alike. […]

From the coast to the inland tribs there are a lot of fresh limits of chrome coming home in the backs of rigs and boats lately. Fishing low water (that should be changing as we speak) is not easy by any stretch…but once you’re dialed in can be very effective. After all…you’ve limited the mass […]