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Here is part 2 in the series of my Year In Review features. It showcases some of the many anglers that make AAA what it is today. Matt Morris, Jeff Donaca, Kevin Gray, Drew Taylor, John Webb, Jason Stricker, Kevin Roberts, Lucas Holmgren, Jed Bartauski, Julian Zirkle, Dave Heller, Larry Crook, Steve Gustafson and Auntie […]

I’m releasing a series of trailers for my new Year In Review feature leading up to Thanksgiving Day. Enjoy this one. This is part 2. Trailer #2 * * *

Going live in full feature by Thanksgiving 2012….here is first trailer in a series prior to launch: Part 1, the intro trailer. TeamSalmon * * * *

The first few fish of the New Year come the 2nd day into it. On a day when I went out solo…I ended up running into several friends and even family….as we all had the same idea after watching the river levels for the last two days. After all, we’re TeamSalmon. Great minds think alike. […]

Today was a day of steelhead fishing not soon to forget. Not only did we beat them down….but I had to chase a fish through close to what we imagine are 300 yards of whitewater…and I did so without waders…waste deep in some spots. I took two falls and should’ve lost the fish for sure. […]