Strenk’s nephews are BASS BOYZ……

Posted: June 8, 2012 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Gear Fishing, Out of Area, Warm Water
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John Strenk is the owner of The Reel Tech, a proud sponsor of John’s business is comprised of reel repair and maintenance, custom rod building and custom jig tying. Apparently the fishing gene runs thick in his family too. Here are his nephews Dylan and Ryan with HAWGS!

Cant believe how fast time flies, my two nephews, Ryan 7, and Dylan 6, love being a part of what Uncle John enjoys in the outdoors, whether it be hunting or fishing.

My Dad, my Brother in Law, and I are looking forward to watching them continue to grow into responsible and ethical outdoorsmen. I took them fishing today and we had a fantastic day.

These two must learn in their sleep or be alot more attentive than I imagined. Another year of fishing and these two look like naturals with their casting, fish fighting, and desire. Cant wait to get them onto their first salmon and steelhead SOON!!

I told them about my Buddy Chris Heller from up north, All Around Angler, and the partnership with their Uncle “The Reel Tech”. Needless to say, they were excited about that and had to show their support as well.

Here is Ryan and Dylan with a couple of bass they caught this morning, a pair of up and coming All Around Anglers 🙂

Jr. AllAroundAngler Dylan

Jr. AllAroundAngler Ryan

Thank you Chris and All Around Angler for all you do for the sport we love so much 🙂

To support John Strenk’s business as well as our circle of AllAroundAngler sponsors simply click on his company logo right here on the AAA home page.

  1. The Hustler says:

    That is freaking awesome. Way to go, John on helping them get into this healthy hobby. They will cherish it forever.

  2. Thanks Steve! Very proud of them. I hope their interest and passion continues to grow as it did for me as a kid 🙂

  3. daheller says:

    Great story and some excellent pics. It reminds me of my early bass fishing trips with my Dad at a coastal lake on the central Oregon coast. I can still remember the nights flipping plugs and catching a nice bass now and then. Those were the days when there were way too many casts into the trees and shoreline vegetation and my Dad showed amazing patience with his novice fisherman. That’s great that you are taking the time to introduce them to fishing and the enjoyment and wonderful memories that go along with it. Sal

  4. Hellcat says:

    Nicely said, Dad.

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