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Posted: March 22, 2012 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, News, Tips & Advice
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As seen on’s Portland Fishing Examiner.

Whether you find your solace angling in the ocean or in a lake….in a river or a small stream, chances are you’ve used the reel(s) attached to your favortie rod(s) far beyond their intended capacity since the last time they’ve seen a service. You might even be as bad as me and have several years in between the servicing on your most used reels.

Why is this?

As experienced anglers we understand the mechanical aspect of a reel, for the most part. So why is it we neglect our gear to such an extreme degree? I believe there are a few main obstacles most of us face when it comes to routine reel maintenence. Ease of location and turn around time are certainly two of them while being able to trust your technician and their toted skill set is certainly another.

We become so possessive of our reels and believe that in our infinite wisdom we are cleaning them regularly and maintaining their life appropriately. After all….with quality gear and when used correctly ( i.e., loosening drag systems during storage & not using reels beyond their intended use parameters) you’ve surely found that reels can last years without professional intervention. Right? Well maybe. But not if you’re getting them to scream. Not if you’re catching fish with the other 10 percent of the anglers catching 90 percent of the fish.

In the case of most avid anglers it is extrememly important your gear not fail you during what could be the fight with the fish of a lifetime. A 20 plus pound steelhead or silver? A 50 plus pound chinook? Wouldn’t you like to rest easier knowing your gear is in tip top shape? I can tell you the answer to this question before you even think about it: Yes. I watched a good friend of mine hook his very first back bouncing chinook this past season in about 20 feet of fast moving water on 5 ounces of lead. This fish destroyed his reel quicker than you might imagine. It simply seized on him.

That chinook took advantage and shattered the tensile strength of his main line which was a quality 30lb monofilament. When you consider most mono stretches 33-40 percent it would make layman’s sense that might only happen with a non-stretch braid and a reel that was over the hill. Not the case. It can happen to you next time you tangle with a beast….or it can even happen with a small fish if the timing is just so. Here are a couple suggestions for those of you out there reading this and empathizing with these not-so-hypothetical plights I’ve described: Go to the following website,, jot down the mailing instructions and send your top two or three used reels to John Strenk, Owner, for a servicing that might just save your trophy fish one day.

Better yet…if you have a reel that has stopped working correctly send it to The Reel Tech as well. John has over 15 years of satisfied customers from all over California, Oregon and Washington singing him songs of praise for taking the worry from their minds while fighting their next fish. John’s turn around time is outstanding as though he is just down the street from you. Unlike my local reel shop which has a backlog of work, shoddy help and never-ending recurring problems. Sound familiar? I thought so. As a life long angler and Owner/Founder of I strongly recommend you give The Reel Tech a try. I’m betting you won’t be sorry.

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  1. The Hustler says:

    It is admittedly kind of weird that I can’t wait to have a reel explode, so that I can send it to Reel Tech to have it fixed. Although I have not had the chance to use his services yet, I have entertained him with questions about advice on different reels. John is a great guy, very friendly, and incredibly honest.

  2. My pleasure Hustler !! When I am not fixing them, I sure love talking about reels 🙂
    Any assistance, advice, or troubleshooting help you guys need, let me know.

  3. Hellcat says:

    Shoot John I have a bunch of reels I need to gather up and send to you…….

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