The Skip continues beat down….brings a buddy

Posted: February 13, 2012 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Gear Fishing, Salmon, Trout & Steelhead
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Nick Ross has kind of blown up on the scene the last month. For a guy that is self described as ‘newer’ to this river game of steelhead chasing….he is definitely putting wood to some metal.

This trip he even got his buddy, Scott, into the mix. What these pics don’t show you is three more fish that he lost….which were the first three he’s lost all season.

I really hope I’m able to track this guy’s video clips down. I’ll make a movie called ‘The Sic Skipper’. Or something like that.

By the way….if I could I would hire The Skip to tie some of these dynamite-looking rigs for me. My strong suit is not preparation…and clearly his IS.

And here’s The Skip’s buddy, Scott, with a T.O.A.D.

  1. skip says:

    Another really cool thing about that TOAD is it was Scotts first ever trip out steelheading. We walked up to the hole, and I told him there’s always a fish laying in this tailout with the height the river is at. I told him to make the first cast thru right on the seam you can see in the water, not 15 ft down the seam the bobber disappears, BOOM!! Fish on, and a chrome 16 lb hatchery!! Love getting people there first trib steel, almost more than hooking up myself. Almost….

  2. Hellcat says:


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