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A good friend of mine, Steve Lynch aka The Traveler, and his wife, Sveta…..the two of them do what it takes to find anadramous fish ALL YEAR LONG. They move. They move, they shake and they look for new water. Why I call Steve, The Traveler. He’s going to kill me for this but here […]

Over one hundred and twenty miles from home…..during a deluge of sideways rain….crossing bridge after bridge of rivers and streams running full of brown, chalky waters….Steve ‘The Traveler’ Lynch along with his beloved wife, Sveta, steadily cruised along looking for somewhere to swing his pink Blue Fox spinner. He goes to that spinner in all […]

From the coast to the inland tribs there are a lot of fresh limits of chrome coming home in the backs of rigs and boats lately. Fishing low water (that should be changing as we speak) is not easy by any stretch…but once you’re dialed in can be very effective. After all…you’ve limited the mass […]