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Here’s three out of the six of us with some peaks at stuff coming up…a full version of this movie will be available for viewing soon.

This is Nick Nichols, John Webb, Matthew Morris and myself catching tributary summer chinook. This is a two morning effort. Thank you for your support. Please visit our store to purchase products that help support this quality angling content effort. Click the STORE tab on this website or on H3l

Newest work on AAA is previewed here. Shot from May 18th and 26th. TeamSalmon2013.

There’s not much to report from this weekend…but there is a little bit. One chrome bright B Run coho hen that came home with me, another one that snapped my Vision snap swivel. And finally after chasing the dream yesterday on three different rivers….a beautiful nickel bright, early winter steelhead that shook my jig right […]

This movie was shot Sunday, November 4th, with Chad Lynch Guide Service, Chad Brockman Hardy, John Webb and yours truly. Enjoy.

With most of the coastal rivers at near bank full….we were lucky enough to have MCP along today reppin’ TeamSalmon. Along side The Hustler, The Hippie Kicker and myself MCP was able to turn us onto some private access fishing on a small river that was actually in shape. Funny that after 20 years of […]

Going live in full feature by Thanksgiving 2012….here is first trailer in a series prior to launch: Part 1, the intro trailer. TeamSalmon * * * *

A less than spectacular first trip to this river. I guess that’s why they call them ‘virgin runs’. This was ours. Least my net got dipped. Certainly proves you never stop learning. I don’t anyway. Saturday short driftboat movie here:

Produced by Kevin Gray aka Chromehammer. Features contributing anglers Big Bad Ricky and Hollywood Mikoleit. Ready, steady, Go. Movie # 1 Movie # 2

I’m proud to feature another comprehensive and infromative piece by my NoCal connection, Michael McNeilly aka Mr. Sockeye. Enjoy. I always do. Hey AAA Readers, This has been a salmon season for the record books in Northern California, or at least it was projected to be. However, we are midway through our season, and the […]