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LANDON DONACA Many of you veteran Triple A’ers will remember the frequently ran segment called ‘Catches & Kills’ from the past few years. Here’s a little attempt at bringing it back…thanks to Landon and Jeff Donaca, Nick Nelson & Dave Heller for these contributions. BY THE WAY….if you have some photos or a story you’d […]

As promised part two of the popular AAA Recent Catches & Kills. There is a special five minutes of raw footage to start the show. Credit by name to these participating and bad a** All Around Anglers at end of the show. TS2013.

My Catches and Kills segment typically only features pics not yet shown on AAA. So for all of you wondering where my pics are or a lot of my close crew…..that’s why. It’s a feature that focuses on those who take the time to submit photos and even video. Thanks for your support.