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I am humbled to have these anglers contributing to AAA. What more can I say: These PLAYERS are SLAYERS. HawgSauce aka LPJ is Lael Paul Johnson….and this newest movie of his has a lot of personality. Oh yeah…and there’s really, really good fishing too. Next up…Kris The Phantom Jellesed’s latest installment shared with us here […]

Here’s another fantastic film from the Phantom. Seriously? This guy is totally ridiculous. And…as you’ll soon see….it runs in his family. KRIS JELLESED IS THE OWNER OF PHANTOM CUSTOM RODS…..

Kris ‘The Phantom’ Jellesed is continuing to come strong here on I am proud to feature another one of his movie contributions to AAA with this film entitled ‘Danno…Bobber Down! Steelhead Nation.’ Enjoy. There’s more to come from the Phantom soon so check back often! Kris Jellesed is the Owner of Phantom Custom Rods […]