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REEL LIFESTYLE AND AAA present MONSTER CONTEST MONTH. Simply click on the FB button and get in on it!

Thank you for your support. Special introduction pricing ends at the end of this month. Here’s my fourth All Around Angler, LLC. coaching/guided trip promo. Thanks to Bobber Down Jigs, The Reel Tech and Cleardrift Floats for their participation in this one.

After performing guided coaching trips now for two months I’ve averaged at least two trips a week from the moment I went live. I’m grateful for the success and want to give back to you…my readers, viewers and AAAers who continue to support this indy angling movement of helping each other learn, excel and thrive […]

I couldn’t sleep so I made a little promo for Christmas gift trips. Lemme know your thoughts. Brochure might be next step.

THIS post represents one of the many things that makes my company different than others: A deep and thorough commitment to the education of anglers and outdoors people everywhere in an effort to unite like-minded people with the common passion of river angling. Habitat education is a HUGE part of this. Special Thanks to Pacific […]

Insured. Certified. Safe. Learn to perform your favorite kind of fishing with ease once I teach you how. Coaching and guiding services are now live. This is the next phase of my Juggernaut called All Around Angler. This program offered through my coaching services is protected legally as any other licensed guide program. For the […]

Now that my coaching/guiding business is complete I’ll get some new content up big time this week. Thanks for your patience.

‘Buoy 10’ that is. Here is TeamSalmon core contributor and All Around Angler Jason Strychnine Stricker showing us why he’s absolutely poisonous to chrome. WATCH FOR MORE PICS COMING SOON FROM JASON!

Fish need good habitat. As described by T.E. Bigford in Fisheries magazine, August 2013, “Each fish occupies its preferred niche in the ecosystem. The environmental conditions of that space define the fish’s preference at each life stage….water temperature, depth, salinity, flow, bottom type, prey availability, annual cycles and much more.” To understand, protect and restore […]

Picture to the left is life-long friend Tony ‘Big Tone’ Davenport from a 2008 springer trip in the city. PORTLAND, Oregon – Each year during this time of year anglers from all over the world descend to the many various waters of the Pacific Northwest in pursuit of arguably the most sought after food fish […]