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By now you probably know I host over a dozen contests a month showcasing products and services from my incredibly awesome team of sponsors and partners. Thanks to John Webb and his donation of decal cut outs I’ve also been giving away these stickers as prizes. The contests usually range from 1 day […]

If you’re not linked up with me on Facebook then you’re missing the opportunity for lots and lots of free gear. Didja know that over the past three months I’ve given away over 1200.00 in free gear? Rods, apparel, jigs, lures, DVDs and more. Most recently I did a top three places prize for Kevin […]

Lots of you have been waiting for an AAA hoody series, right? Well thanks to John Webb and In Your Face Graphics and Tinting you can now secure yours by pre ordering today. These are CUSTOM so they are made to order. I will need your size and angling moniker emailed to me at ‘’ […]

Would you like to do something to help support If so, read on. These popular hats are in their final run. Period. Thanks to those of you who continue to help me keep this website alive. *click picture to enlarge CLICK HERE TO BUY HATS * * *

John Strenk IS The Reel Tech (Proud AAA sponsor/partner)….listen, learn…share. Send him your reels today for an overhaul today! Local PDX area companies cannot compare. Period. In this photo, there are 3 different examples of drag materials. Left: Carbontex drag material that can be either installed as is, or with the addition of drag grease. […]

KND Custom Tackle: Made in the USA for fishermen, by fishermen. Support his efforts today. You’ll catch more fish, stay more organized and promote growth of local tackle companies. Contact KEVIN and KND today for a phone order at 360-410-6018. Hello All Around Anglers! I’m reaching out to you today to ask for your help […]

After blowing through our second ever merchandise earlier this year…I’m happy to say the most popular item sold has just been re-ordered: The New Era Flex Fit cap, black with white stitching and white lettering. This hat is high quality and extremely comfortable. G Loomis uses the same base cap model for their upper line […]

I’ve said before we live in a braid crazy society. Much has changed since the first time I strung up a Penn Senator with 80lb spectra fiber line in 1993. Twenty years since the dawning of new generation fishing line. Fishing line designed to mimic the stretching properties of stainless steel wire line while sporting […]

The diverse group of content contributing AllAroundAnglers right now is outstanding. Even beyond our core contributing group known as ‘TeamSalmon’….since around Mid-November this website has become the ‘GO TO’ place for the REEL DEAL on PacNW small stream and river fishing. There have been some of the most epic trips ever documented, shared and celebrated. […]

I am writing Salmon & Steelhead Fishing Articles for Online Magazine again. You can find me and my Salmon & Steelhead Articles under the section titled “Portland Fishing Examiner”. Keep ’em wet, Christopher H3llcat Heller