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Product refresher: LEELOCK Anchor Systems

Posted: December 1, 2014 by Hellcat in Fish Reports
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As a small river drift boat angler for three quarters of my life I’ve spent a lot of time and effort dropping anchors and picking them up. There’s a litany of things that can and will go wrong when attempting to anchor a row boat in free flowing water… Sometimes ‘white’ most of which will […]

**This original review was originally written previously and current rod specifications may have changed. By Chris Heller Prior to starting this product review I attempted to establish a base line of facts from which to draw upon throughout this article. It had been my goal to make reference to as much design and technical information […]

As featured on’s Portland Fishing Examiner here is my review of coated braided lines. Short and sweet. The first time I began to fascinate about different fishing lines was the early ninteties. I had a Berkley Silver Thread (who remembers Silver Thread?) knot testing machine that allowed to strength test any fishing knot I […]

I’ve said before we live in a braid crazy society. Much has changed since the first time I strung up a Penn Senator with 80lb spectra fiber line in 1993. Twenty years since the dawning of new generation fishing line. Fishing line designed to mimic the stretching properties of stainless steel wire line while sporting […]