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H3llcat, Today I had the opportunity to take a new guy fishing. He is my cousin whom I met for the first time in February this year, and his name is Chris Smith. A retired Marine of 10 years. A fun fact about Chris is that he grew up in Alaska, worked on fish processors […]

His name is Daniel Bortis but you can call him DEEBOW. He’s one helluva mechanic and an equally productive angler. He’s the definition of All Around Angler with his efforts and production and he has one of the coolest attitudes you’ll ever find in an angler or even a human being. I’m proud to share […]

Definitely TV style format. Hope ya’ll like the effort. There’s a ton of stuff in here and it should be lots of fun. You should find yourself laughing out loud in a couple spots. Almost 25 minutes long so take a seat. Most pictures come in the last 6 minutes. Trememndous thanks to all that […]