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Finally episode 12 is available. For those of you keeping track I’ve already aired Ep.s 13 & 14….but this one took a while. I’ll be showing this one to PDX Metro Comcast Customers as well. Show dates and times coming soon. Enjoy.

All Around Anglers in this one are: Spencer Rhodes, Nick Nichols, Chris Blanchard, Garrett James, Kenny James, Trevor Braatz and Corey Rusco.

  1. Great video Chris! Looks like a fantastic time was had by all. Congrats Nick Nichols on that DANDY fish. A great day of jig fishing will make anyone smile 🙂

  2. Death Dealer says:

    What great work Chris. I cried again just watching that happen. I cant thank you and all the other guys that you have introduced me to enough. Without you and your help none of this would of ever happened to me. You are one of the most giving people I have ever had the privilege to meet. You are a true ambassador and mentor for this sport I have come to love and think about on the daily. Dont you ever change bro! You have found your calling now we just need to make it pay.

  3. The look on Nick’s face is priceless. I love that you have his first Steelhead on film. What a catch too. Also, Chris great first jig fish! And Chris, your drag peeling is a sound we all know and love!

  4. Padron says:

    What a phenomenal depiction of the river and steel head fishing…nice work to all contributors!

  5. Strick says:

    One of the best movies yet. Whole package. Thoroughly enjoyed.

  6. Hellcat says:

    Thanks for taking a moment to comment on this flick you guys. I’m pretty happy with it. HUGE SHOUT TO NWK.

  7. KNDKEV says:

    Looks like an epic adventure was had by all. Awesome work Y’all..

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