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By Christopher Heller

There are very few angling websites that have endured the life All Around Angler.com has. I’ve tried to keep things fresh and new by spending countless hours, days, weeks, months and years both on the water and behind this computer screen to bring you a piece of this passion. I try to do so as vividly and profoundly as possible while staying true to my core beliefs, concerns, accomplishments and desires.

There are some of you reading this right now who have been beside me the entire 7 years with support of this effort. To you I am grateful and flattered. I am also grateful and flattered for the new content contributors I’ve picked up recently. There are nearly 20 new content contributors since the start of 2011 alone. To share your content with me means you have faith in this All Around Angler.com project and you see yourself a part of a winning team. I respect and admire that decision.

The caliber of anglers I am attracting with AAA.com is tremendous. In addition the beginning angler still continues to find the pieces he/she needs within the virtual boundaries of this website. This helps them assemble their own puzzle concerning this river game we all love to play so much and brings them that much closer to consistent success and a chance at routine production on the water.

This ‘range’ of viewership in combination with the new pieces being submitted to AAA.com brings me a level of pride I hope to communicate to you today. Anyone can make a fishing website: It’s those who complete a prolonged on line effort supported by a standard set of rules which includes a respect for the rivers, for the anonymity of treasured waters being shared and mostly for the desire to help others learn the way…..the right way.

Thank you for your support, contribution and respect. It’s mutual.

  1. daheller says:

    The effort and commitment definitely show through on a site that has gotten better and better. I think the new folks and higher participation reflect this. Keep up the good work. Sal

  2. Labor of love Chris……..no doubt your heart is in it. Keep doing what you do my friend 🙂

  3. Hellcat says:

    Thanks for your support, John. This project takes tremendous time.

  4. Donaca says:

    Thank you for creating a place where fellow anglers can meet and share new ideas and techniques.

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